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This Tweet by Charles Floate will help you unearth some affiliate niche gold. Take a look at some he found:

Luxury Hotel Guru - https://luxuryhotel.guru This site is likely generating 50k - 100k organic visitors a month. It has about $300 worth of backlinks but most of it's rankings are coming off 20 item hotel lists (No unique surrounding content) with strong topical URL structure.

Beat Bowler - http://beatbowler.com Amazon affiliate site with 0 HQ link building. Ranking off in-depth content, very well done internal linking and well executed schema across the site.

Bike Commuter Hero - http://bikecommuterhero.com Looking for an SEO that knows how to optimize content for featured snippets and question related content? This site has a DR 4.4 (Not 44, 4.4) but very well done intent optimized content.

Gadgets Path - http://gadgetspath.com Whilst every other generic Amazon site is getting slaughtered in the SERPs, this one has been flying up. How? Custom images (Instead of re-using the same shit), optimized internal linking & good site speed optimization.

Quiet Your Digs - https://quietyourdigs.com PERFECT quirky niche site example with ZERO link building but a TON of time went into researching very low competition keywords and then creating well formatted, useful content - Not much else SEO wise.

So, what can we learn from all of the above 5 sites and there combined successes? - Clean, minimal sites with fast load times - Internal linking is BIG time important if you don't have link budget - Long form content wins - Use custom images - Use schema & table of contents

How did Charles do it?

Beyond the Tweet, Charles went a bit more in-depth on his process:

“I use serpwoo.com + random affiliate keywords I research with keyword explorer on large affiliate sites and sort by difficulty score, but you could even do it 1 by 1 and search some random affiliate keywords like “best portable generator” in Ahrefs keyword explorer, open the full 100 results and look for sites with super low DR.”