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This is my 100th note! So I wanted to do something special, something that I literally try to do with every client I work with (where applicable).

The idea is pretty simple. Let's say you offer email marketing software and you service different types of customers / industries.

You should 100% be creating pages like:

The volumes may be low, but look at those CPCs! (data from keywordseverywhere.com)




Don't worry about the low volume because the other main benefit of this strategy is building topical relevance. We are in effect teaching Google that we are the experts when it comes to email marketing software because we have specific, well-optimized content that targets *many queries *****about this topic.

It's also worth noting that as the web gets bigger, people's expectations get more specific and this affects the way they search! Oftentimes you don't need to go much further than the footer of your main competitors to find our their main SEO strategy.